Dalwallinu Ag show

Dalwallinu & Districts Agricultural Society Inc.

Affiliated with the Royal Agricultural Society of WA Inc



  1. The Society shall be called the Dalwallinu & Districts Agricultural Society Inc
  2. The Officers of the Society shall consist of a President, two Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary and Auditor.
  3. At the Annual Meeting of Members a Committee shall be elected and such Committee shall control the affairs of the Society for the ensuing year.
  4. In the event of votes being equal at any meeting the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
  5. If a Member of a Committee shall miss three consecutive meetings without leave of absence, his seat may be declared vacant.
  6. Member?s subscription shall be $25 per annum, with the following privileges: free admission for member and one guest, members children under 16 free entry.?Annual membership shall be due and payable on the day following the Annual General Meeting of the society in each year and before show day.?New membership applications close on the Friday prior to show day.
  7. Honorary Life Membership of the Society may be offered to one nominee in each financial year of the Society after the members at the Annual Meeting shall have approved a recommendation therefore of the Committee. The Committee in putting forward its recommendation shall take account of the service of the candidate to the Society.


  1. The Show will be open to the public at 8.00am on the day appointed for the Show.
  2. All reasonable care will be exercised in the care of exhibits, but no responsibility will be accepted by the Society.
  3. As Pavilion judging will commence at 2.00pm Friday, all entries must be in place by 1.00pm
  4. All exhibits to be handed to the Stewards, who will place them in the space allotted to them. Exhibitors must leave the exhibition building during the time of judging.
  5. Entries and/or exhibits arriving after the time appointed for their reception may, by permission of the Chief Complex Steward, be exhibited, and must be placed where directed by the Stewards.
  6. Entries received by post will not be accepted unless accompanied by an entry form duly filled in and the necessary fees.
  7. Judges will allocate a First and Second prize in all instances, provided the entry meets the Schedule specifications and standards, therefore, where only one entry is received, it is at the Judge’s discretion as to the prize allocation. Judges are to declare a conflict of interest to the Chief Steward and/or to the Secretary/Office.
  8. (a) All entries received are subject to these Show regulations and By-laws, the Special Regulations in each section and to the Uniform By-laws made under the Royal Agricultural Society Act, 1926.
    (b)The Society may refuse any entry without giving any reason therefore.
    (c)The Committee may at any time disqualify from exhibiting either indefinitely or for such period as it may think fit any exhibitor who has, in the opinion of the committee, been guilty of any breach of these regulations, or whose conduct, whether at or during any Show of the Society has been, in the opinion of the Committee, such that he is unfit to exhibit at any Show of the Society.
    (d) No person who has been disqualified from exhibiting at any Show of the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia Incorporated or at any Show of the Society affiliated therewith shall act as agent, representative or servant of any exhibitor at any Show of the Society
    (e)Livestock which has been exhibited at any unregistered Show shall be disqualified from competing at any Show of the Society, and the exhibitor of such stock shall also be disqualified.
    (f) During the period of disqualification, no entry will be received from any person disqualified by the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia Incorporated or by any Society affiliated therewith, and should any entry be accidentally accepted it shall be deemed to be void and the entry fee will be returned.
  9. The Committee reserves the right to reject any exhibit or eject any exhibitor, servant, attendant or visitor from the grounds without assigning any reason for such action
  10. Any exhibit of livestock or poultry with vermin or any other undesirable feature, will be rejected and must be immediately removed from the Showgrounds.
  11. Breeding Year: Horse, 1st August in each year. Judges shall decide the ages of all animals.
  12. No Stallion will be allowed on the grounds without approved headgear.
  13. Stock exhibits must not be rugged during the hours the Show is open to the public.
  14. Judges are requested to make a reserve number of the exhibit next in order of merit beyond those to which prizes are awarded.
  15. Prizes awarded by judges, but withheld in consequence of valid protests, may be awarded to exhibitor next in order of merit or forfeited to the Society.
  16. Protests, accompanied by a fee of $5 must be lodged with the Secretary within one hour of the award being made. Deposits will be forfeited if the appeal is not upheld.
  17. No exhibit to be removed before 5pm on Show Day without the permission of the Secretary, otherwise no prize money or trophies will be awarded.
  18. Prize winner to apply personally or by written order for amount of prize money. All prize money unclaimed by end of August will be forfeited.
  19. All prizes are subject to any alteration the Committee may deem advisable.
  20. Colours – the following shall be the colours of the Society:

Reserve Champion

Pale Blue/White

First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
Fourth Prize


21. No unlawful games shall be permitted on the grounds.

22.On no account will dogs be permitted on the ground after they are open to the public. (Exception – Guide dogs)

23.Any article that has previously won a prize at the Dalwallinu & Districts Agricultural Show is ineligible to compete at any future Dalwallinu and Districts Agricultural Shows.


INSIDE: Rec Centre (limited space available) $70 3mt bay

$30 per extra metre

Trestles $10 each

BYO marquee/tent  $30 3mt bay

$10 per extra metre

3 x 3 Gazebo’s supplied erected and no sides $60

Machinery/vehicle dealerships  $100

FOOD VANS incl. 1 power 15AMP/vehicle  $100

Additional power $20 per power point, details of number of outlets required and will be subject to availability.

Dalwallinu & Districts Agricultural Society Inc.?accepts no responsibility for accidents which may?occur at or on any sideshow conducted on its grounds on the day of the Show or at any other time.