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Dalwallinu & Districts Agricultural Society Inc.

Affiliated with the Royal Agricultural Society of WA Inc

Patron: The President of the Dalwallinu Shire Council

President: Stephen Wilson 0427 611 060

Vice President: Leighton Budge

Last President: Noel Mills

General Committee:

Robyn? Bryant, Vince Bryant, Hannah Budge, Leighton Budge, Bert Cail,?Emma Harris, Damian Mills,?Kathy Mills, Noel Mills, Barbara Newton, Pauline Mitchell, David Roach, Joy Sanderson, Kirsten Strickland, Rebecca Wilson,?Stephen Wilson

Grounds Committee:

Vince Bryant, Leighton Budge, Colin Cail, John Harris, Noel Mills,?David Roach, Stephen Wilson.

Chief Grounds Steward: Leighton Budge 0477 775 013

Asst Grounds Steward:?Vince Bryant 0428 642 073

Auditor:?Warren Renton

Chief Complex Steward: Barb Newton 0437 969 812

Trade Space: Barb Newton 0437 969 812 or Kirsten Strickland – klhumphreys@hotmail.com

Licencee: Dalwallinu Agricultural Society Inc

Secretary/ Treasurer: Rebecca Wilson 0427 681 202
Email: dalwallinushow@hotmail.com


Society?s Address: PO BOX 200, DALWALLINU, WA 6609

Web Address: www.dallyshow.com